The 14th century Zociste Monastery, 5 km south-east of Orahovac, was built in the time of the Medieval Serbian Nemanjic Dynasty. The Church of the Holy Healers Cosmas and Damian (who according to the legend charged no fee for curing the ill) had a semi-round vault and a wide narthex. The preserved frescoes, especially one of a prophet’s bust, belonged to the 12thş14th century monumental style of painting. The monastery had a valuable collection of icons, books (the Zociste menaion from the 15th century), and liturgical vessels. The carved door of the iconostasis was known for its exceptional beauty.

Albanian terrorists looted and vandalized the monastery, and burned down the konaks (residential quarters), as soon as the German KFOR troops had settled in this area. The church was completely destroyed by explosive.