The Church of the Holy Prophet Elijah

The Church of the Holy Prophet Elijah in Kacanik, built in 1929, was an example of proportions and façade styles applied in Kalenic and Gracanica. The church, built on a square foundation, had a ground plan in the shape of a single cross, spacious trefoil apses and a dome. Three layers of bricks and stones were used for the façade which was decorated with archivolts containing coronas made of notched bricks. Windows had engraved rosettes. The crosses on the dome and above the portal respectively, made of stone, bear the characteristics of the Moravska School. The richly decorated rosette and archivolts above the entrance are also visible. Patriarch Varnava, while still a Serb metropolitan, donated a bell to the church. Milan Korunovic, Serbian architect from the first half of the 20th century, designed the project.

It is known that the church of the Holy Prophet Elijah was damaged and desecrated by the Albanian terrorists after the arrival of the US KFOR troops. The interior was vandalized and burned.


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