The monastery of the Holy Archangel Gabriel, also known under the names of Binac and Buzovik, was built in the 14th century. It was located some 4-5 km south of Vitina, at the spring of the river Susica. The church had a rectangular foundation, a semi-round apse and a semi-cylindrical vault. There were two layers of frescoes, one on top of the other. The newer layer, from the 16th century, showed archbishops at liturgy. In 1867 ethnic Albanians slaughtered the priest. After that the monastery was abandoned and was renewed at the beginning of the 20th century. In the church there were valuable 14th century liturgical vessels.

 Albanian extremists attacked this place. The church was desecrated and demolished, and then set on fire from the inside. The konak buildings were plundered and torched.