THE HOLY TRINITY MONASTERY, Musutiste, near Suva Reka

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity was built in the 14th century on the Rusinica hill above Musutiste, 2 km to the south. In the valuable collection of manuscripts from 14 th to 18 thcentury there were a Book of Commemoration from 1465 and a hand-written Gospel from the 14 th century. The monastery also had a collection of icons from the 19th century — 1868-1985.         

Albanian extremists vandalized this holy place and plundered the valuables. They dynamited the monastery church so that it is now completely destroyed. The monastery konak (residential quarters) was previously burned to the ground. The valuable library, and its icons, disappeared in the flames and wreckage. The church was obviously destroyed by explosive used by experts with military training.