SAINT PARASCEVA’S CHURCH, in Gojbulja near Vucitrn

The Church of St Parasceva stands in Gojbulja, at the foot of Mount Kopaonik, 3 km north-east of Vucitrn. The new church was built at the village cemetery, on the remains of an ancient, 1-2 m high wall, in August 1986 with preserved old arch, which vaulted the western narthex. The church had a rectangular ground plan, a semi-round apse and a smallish narthex. The old walls had traces of fresco plaster on them. There are also remains of an old Serb cemetery from the first half of the 18th century.

After the French KFOR soldiers had arrived, the church was vandalized, looted, desecrated and set on fire, by Albanian extremists, in June 1999. The parish house was also looted.