SAINT NICHOLAS’ CHURCH, in Ljubizda near Prizren

The Church of St Nicholas, in the village of Ljubizda near Prizren, was built in the 16th century and renewed in 1867. The Galician painter Vasilije Krstic of the famous DaskalovicşDjinovski family, from Debar, painted the interior. The single-nave building had a semi-round vault and an extended narthex. The icons from the neighbouring churches were destroyed earlier. Among them was the 14th century double icon of The Annunciation and the Meeting of Joachim and Ann. The double door in the iconostasis dated back to the 16th century. The church used to have bells, a processional icon of the Mother of God with an artistically embroidered linen cloth 7-8m long, a wooden chalice, books, throne icons, triptych-icon, octagonal choir space with mother-of-pearl incrustations, a copper baptistery, a filigree cross with an inscription from the 19th century.

The church was looted vandalized and set on fire by Albanian terrorists, after the German KFOR forces had already arrived to the area. The parish house was looted and set on fire.