The Church of St John the Baptist was completed in 1998 as the Rajovic family foundation in Pecka Banja. The complex ground plan of the church consisted of three parts. The church also had three belfries with a rectangular base, a narthex and a naos in the form of an inscribed cross in combination with a trefoil and an altar space. The ground plan with an inscribed cross was not completed because the eastern bay, somewhat shorter, immediately extended into the central apse, prothesis, and altar chapels on both sides. The belfries were open on all four sides at the base and connected by the roof board of the gallery. The project was designed by Ljubisa Folic and Radomir Folic. The frescoes were painted by Dragomir Jasovic, the icon-painter was Pavle Aksentijevic, the mosaic was done by Zdravko Vajagic and the horos and crosses were made by Bane Rakalic, the bells were made by Popovic foundry.

The church was vandalized and set on fire by Albanian terrorists after the arrival of the Italian KFOR units.